Friday, August 10, 2012

Take to the Waters: Learn to Sail in 2013

Europe offers so much for the avid traveller nowadays – no matter what destination is chosen, you will be sure to find something that suits both you and your budget. Water can be a powerful thing and there’s nothing better than feeling in control at sea. Enrolling on any of the available sailing courses can teach you the basics and the Greek Ionians can be a perfect backdrop for your tuition. 

Once you have mastered the ways of the seaman, cheap Lake Garda holidays can encourage you to try something different to the average beach panoramas for your yachting expedition. Opt for any of the resorts dotted along the shoreline and you will never be far from the water’s edge where your flotilla or yacht could await you.

The concept of learning to sail is a bit of a daunting one, but once you have been taught the basics, you will realise it’s not as hard as it seems. Spend some of your holiday with qualified sailing instructors and it’ll be almost like riding a bike – a skill you will never forget.

Perfect for families with older children, sailing courses can teach you navigation and seamanship skills as well as being a great, fun experience. You could learn to sail in as little as a week which will set you in good stead for any forthcoming voyages.

The Greek Ionian is a great place for the novice sailor as well as the experienced seamen. Nidri, a base in the southern Ionian Sea, is a perfect place to start, offering a wide range of sailing courses for varying competencies.

Be sure to absorb the awe inspiring scenery whilst you learn to sail. Take a dip in the surrounding waters to cool off and relax onboard, catching the sun’s rays. Whatever you decide, you can be sure to trust in the qualified yachtsmen who will teach you a skill you can use in future endeavours.


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