Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blue Bless Beach Resort: The Second Time Around!

I have been so busy for months that I forgot to manage my blogs and make new post of my awesome adventure last 2012.  I have decided that I must relax and look for the best place where I can take relaxation just within the my province, Davao Oriental, before the year end.

Since I'm on tight budget, I looked for a place where I can spend less and enjoy more. The only thing that is on my mind is Blue Bless Beach Resort. I really thought that I will not be able to go there since most of my friend are very busy. 

December 26, early in the morning, while having a hot coffee together with my high school classmates,we had a conversation for our upcoming Alumni Homecoming. As we go along with our conversation we decided that we will not be attending since only eight of us are very sure to attend the alumni and my other batchmate are not responding. The eight of us had already a budget for the event. Instead of bringing it back on our own pockets we had a great idea what to with that money. Instead of using the money for the alumni, we made a decision to use it to go for beach outing. All of us agreed that we are going to Blue Bless Beach Resort since majority of my companions have not been there. 

Later that afternoon, we pack up our things and set out to Mati City. It take us for about three hours to arrive at the place since we had lot of stop-over. Usually the time to travel from our place to the said beach is just about one and a half hour. Although I was very tired from the last night party and the travel, it suddenly disappeared when I saw the place. It was my second visit on that place but it still amazes me. The clear, light blue waters make it more relaxing on my sight. 

There are a lot of improvement from the time it was opened. A new function room has been established that can accommodate events and parties with about 200 persons. What's really nice with the resort is their comfort room. It is very clean and maintained. The water also potable so there's no need to worry in case you ran out of water to drink. 

Aside of that when it comes to budget, theres no need to worry. The entrance fee of the resort is just only 20 pesos for children and 30 for adults. The cottages rental did not increase. We rented the six hundred cottage that can accommodate at least 10-15 persons. 

I really love the place and wants to go back again and again. Hoping that when I come back there there would be new commodities to be introduce like water  pool. 

Pathway to different cottages.

 Storefront of one of the store of Blue Bless. 

Blue Bless at night.

Morning view of the beach. 

 Blue Beach Resort Monument.

Another glimpse of Blue Beach resort in the morning.

Enjoying the clear blue waters.

Cottage Balcony.