Monday, April 16, 2012

Discovering the Beauty of Kawa-Kawa Falls

It is really true that nature gives you a very relaxing feeling specially when you are on a stressful week. One of place that I really love to go where I can be with mother nature is the Kawa-Kawa Falls. Kawa-kawa falls derives it name from the visayan word Kawa which means Wok. The falls has a wok-like pool that measures about 15 feet in height.

 The fall is located at Brgy. Bitaogan, San Isidro, Davao Oriental. Before you arrive to the place, you need to cross 3 small rivers and a very rocky road. You can take a motorcycle or a car in order to reach it. But base on my experience, it is better to travel via motorcycle because the road is very rocky and its near the cliff which make 4 wheel car hard to drive.

You can really say that the place is not yet visited by many people. But there's no need to worry on where you can put your things and have your lunch and snacks since there are small huts and cottages built there. What's more amazing of the falls is that you can drink it. That's how clean the place is.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trip to the Southern Part of Davao Oriental

October last year, me and my friends decided to go to Parola or Light house at Cape San Agustin. I really thought it would be easy to travel on that place. But I was wrong. So far, it was the hardest trip that I ever had in my whole life. There were many hills we crossed just to get to that place. In the middle of our journey to parola, a heavy rain suddenly fall. It made our route a little bit difficult to pass. 

After 6 hours of travel, we finally arrive to our destination, the Cape of San Agustin. This area is the south part of  Davao Oriental. It was said that there was a priest who jump in this cape because he was been chased by the tribe who lives in this place while he was spreading christian learning. That is why it was called Cape of San Agustin.Other rumors said that this is the hiding place of the bandits and they also hide their treasures here. 

In this cape stands 2 old parola that has never been used for years. There's a new tower that has been built within the cape. I'm not sure if what is the used of the newly built tower over there. We tried to go down to the cape and we take our lunch there. The waves are strong since the sea is part of the Pacific Ocean. 

The place there is very nice especially if you want to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, the weather is not good  that is why we just stay there about an hour and left the place

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter Sunday at Blue Bless Beach Resort!

Sunday, April 8 2012- The Christian celebration that the Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. This celebration is commonly known as Easter Sunday. This day marks the new beginning of life, and most of the families goes to the beach as their sign of celebration that the Lord has come to life again. I together with my friends planned already to go beach at this day and we decided to go  Blue Bless Beach Resort since its their grand opening. 
Blue Bless Beach Resort is one of the new tourist spot in Mati City. It is located at Sitio Pitugo, Barangay Bobon, City of Mati. It is under developed beach resort but rest assure that the resort will satisfy your stay and gives you a great vacation experience. The blue and clear water gives them a great time to enjoy swimming. They have a 2 separate convenience store which is easy for you to buy the things and foods that you need. What's good with it is that the price is not too expensive. They also have a resto bar for you to hang out with. 

They do have different types of cottages for you to choose from. Below are the rental fee for cottages and room:

Small Cottage- Php 350.00
Large Cottage- Php 500.00
Room- Php 1,500.00(Not sure)

Since it is far from the city, it gives you a very relaxing ambiance. This could be a good place to be relaxed and release all stress from a hard day work.