Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 1: 5 Interesting Facts About Myself!

Fact 1:
I was born on May 19, 1990.
I am 21 years old.
I am 7,703 days old.
I am 184,872 hours old.
I am 11,092,377 minutes old.
I am 665,542,632 seconds old.
This makes me 21 years, 38 days, 0 hours, 57 minutes, and 11 seconds old
My birthstone is Emerald.
I'm proud to be a Taurean.
My birth tree is Chestnut.

Fact 2:
Did you know when I was at my young age, I always escape on our house every morning to travel our little town and went home around 2pm? I prefer a route that would make my travel very challenging. There was once that when I crossed the river which was very deep. I don't know how to swim at that time. But thanks to the coconut husk, it saved my life because I used it as floaters.

Fact 3:
During my high school years, I reached the top of Zion Prayer Mountain(A mountain that is located on my hometown). We don't have any intention to climb that mountain. I, together with my classmate decided to go to the peek of the mountain because it was very boring at that time. It was funny because we had our lunch on the peek of the mountain and we can't see any shade of a tree to take a rest. That is why while we were eating our lunch, it was very hot and we went down after we take our lunch. while we were on the top of the mountain we seen the view of Banay-banay(the next municipality after Lupon).

Fact 4:
When I was in college, I always transfer boarding house every semester. I really hate transferring boarding house every semester because I'm always doing an adjustment and having new people to be with and new environment to stay. On the other side of it, this help me to gain new friends and learn to socialize with other types of people.

Fact 5:
I am proud to be a Thetans. I'm a member of Theta Sigma Phi Fraternity. Some people don't believe me because I was a cry baby when I was young. But being a Thetans doesn't measure your strength but it measure your will to survive.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 30 Day challenge!

While browsing on one of my friends wall in facebook, I saw her wall posting a 30 day song challenge. This is one interesting activities in facebook where facebook user are going to post a song which is related to the topic in a certain day.

I was wondering if there's another 30 day challenge that is available aside on the challenge that I said a while ago. I searched on Google and found out there is more interesting challenge.This challenge will help to know yourself better. That is why I decided to do this one. Below is the challenge everyday:

Day 1: 5 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 2: The meaning behind your name.
Day 3: About your friends.
Day 4: About your family.
Day 5: A photo of something you really hate.
Day 6: A song that makes you cry.
Day 7: Your crush.
Day 8: Something you hate about yourself.
Day 9: Your definition of love.
Day 10: Your best friend.
Day 11: A letter to one of your exes.
Day 12: Your favorite female group.
Day 13: Your least favorite female group.
Day 14: Something you love about yourself.
Day 15: What you would if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant.
Day 16: A photo that makes you smile.
Day 17: A photo that makes you want to cry.
Day 18: A letter to someone you miss.
Day 19: A habit you wish you didn’t have.
Day 20: A letter to your parents.
Day 21: Short goals you wish to fulfill by the end of the month.
Day 22: Your nicknames & why you have them.
Day 23: What you would find in your bag.
Day 24: A song that makes you smile.
Day 25: How you found out about blogger & why you made one.
Day 26: First 10 songs to play on shuffle on your iPod.
Day 27: Your fashion style.
Day 28: What attracts you to someone.
Day 29: Future plans/goals.
Day 30: Who are you?

Instead of posting this on my wall in facebook, I think it is better to blog this.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Travel Philippines: Taal Lake and People's Park in the Sky Tagaytay

It was Day 4 of our field trip and one of our side trip is Tagaytay. Tagaytay is the second class city of the Province of Cavite. Tagaytay city gives you a good view of Taal Volcano. it is also one of the summer destination in the Philippines because of its cool climate.

Before we went to the People's Park in the Sky, we took our lunch at Max Restaurant. Max's Restaurant's popularity grew and became known as "the house that fried chicken built". We ordered the budget meal which includes a mouthwatering chicken, steaming hot rice, macaroni salad, a glass of refreshing drink and a caramel bar that will surely give everyone a festive mood. you can order this at a price of 192.50 pesos only. Max Restaurant is located at Aguinaldo High Way Brgy.Maharlika East, Tagaytay City. You can also call them at (046) 413-1761 to 62. While we were eating, we can view from our glass window the beautiful scenery of Taal Volcano. After eating, we had our photo shooting at the back of the restaurant where taal lake can be captured. When we done taking photos and taking a break, we leave Max Restaurant and proceed to our next destination which is People's Park in the sky.

Travel Philippines: Shrine of our Lady of Manaoag Pangasinan

Pangasinan is one of the province of the Philippines. It is located at west central of Luzon along Lingayen Gulf. There are lots of attraction that you can see on the province like Hundred Islands Marine Sanctuary in Alaminos, Caves in Bolinao, Tambobong White Beach in Dasol, Umbrella Rocks of Agno and a lot more.

While we visited Pangasinan, I feel like I went back in the times of Spanish colonial period. I have seen old churches and buildings that was been established during the spanish period. Unfortunately we haven't have a stop-over at those structure to take some photo.

One of the places that we visited was The Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag.This shrine is famous throughout the country for its supposed miraculous powers.Catholic devotees frequent the shrine, especially on the feast days on the first of October and the 18th day after Easter sunday. If you are a catholic devotee or wants to have a solemn place to pray your personal intentions, this would be the one of the place to visit. Inside the shrine, there is a museum where it displays the history of the Shrine and the vestments the priest in different period.

They also have souvenir available on their shops. I bought a garnet rosary for my mother for she was born on January and garnet is the birthstone for january. On their souvenir shops you can choose lots of items from keychains, car decor, fans, t-shirts, hats, stampitas, novenas and statues/wall hangings of Our Lady of Manaoag, calendars, posters, candles, Holy Water bottles etc. At the shrine, they have a park with statue that display the station of the cross. When I entered the church, it feels like someone is calling you to enter the church. In the inside, there's a big statue of virgin Mary, which they called Our Lady of Most holy Rosary of Manaoag.

After visiting the inside of the church, it was already 3:00pm and it's time for blessing of religious items. Together with my friends, we gathered our items on the blessing area at the back of the church to take a blessing. When the blessing of religious item finished we take a little tour on the outside the church. We seen lots of small souvenir stores and food shops for "pasalubong". I haven't bought any food 'pasalubong' for I don't know what to buy because there are many food to choose from and we only have a little time to stay there. It was really nice to visit at the Manaoag Shrine and it feels that you are refreshed and you're problems are gone. hope I could visit again to the Shrine to take a Mass and have some meditation.

Below is the schedule of Mass and Religious event:

Monday - Friday every hour 5am - 11am
Saturday - every hour 5am - 12nn & 4:30pm
Sunday - every hour 5am - 12nn, 3pm & 4:30pm

Wednesday and Friday 7am - 8:30am
After every mass at the sacristy

Monday to Saturday 5:45pm

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday10am - Registration, 11am - Baptism

Blessing of Religious Articles
Inside the Church after every mass and at the Blessing Area at the back of the church 3pm-4pm

First Sunday of October and Third Wednesday after Easter Sunday

Monday, June 6, 2011

Travel for a Birthday!

Happy Birthday Baby Iann!

I went to Lagao, General Santos City and attended my "pamangkin" 1st birthday last May 28. It was my first time to go at General Santos City that is why i'm so excited to go to that place and attended my pamangkin's birthday without any hesitation. While on my way to Gensan, it was a new view to me. The view is somewhat mountainous and I saw a wide cornfield. It almost took me about 3 hours of travel before I arrive at my destination. The place is alive and the people out there are friendly. Their mode of transportation is a tricycle which

The party held at Bustos Apartment Located at 72-B Jose Catolico Sr. Avenue, Lagao. It is 10 room apartment and each room is air conditioned. Few hours later the party started after I arrived. a clown was hired to entertained the kids. Games were also conducted like "Pabitin" and Bring me.

After the program, it's eating time! Lechon baboy, chicken fillet, pork adobo, macaroons, ice cream, fruit salad and many more(I cannot mention them because lots of food were serve) were served at the party. I ate 3 plates of rice and viand and another plate of dessert which make my tummy full! Yum yum!

When we finished eating, me and my cousin take a tour on the place. At that time there was also a" sagala" along the way. We went to their city plaza and take some pictures. They do have a a very clean and nice plaza.

After roaming around the town, we went back to Bustos apartment for we are leaving General Santos city to spend our night at Polomoloc.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Escapade no 1! Cannibad Secret Paradise!

It’s already June, and it’s almost two months since I last posted here. By this time I would like to share to you the place where I have been during my summer vacation.

Cannibad Secret Island was my first destination during my summer vacation. It is a white coast beach located at Island Garden city of Samal and about 2 hours if you are travelling from Sta. Ana wharf. This is a great place to get away from a noisy and stressful life in the city. You’ll have to go down a very steep trail before reaching the white sand and the cool blue waters of the beach. It is not a well develop resort so you should expect that there will be no restaurant and bars. There are few stores located at the resort which provides you your basic needs in staying in the resort. It is like staying on a private resort since few people are going on the place. The shore is just about two kilometers with very fine white sand, stones and some big mass of rocks on its ends.

The entrance fee for Cannibad is P25 pesos only and the cottage rental is only P200 pesos. The roundtrip fare may cost about P200 pesos (30 pesos for the bus and 70 pesos for the motorcycle). While we were on the resort, we also rented a small boat (bangka) which cost about P100 pesos per hour. As of now, they are having renovations and improvements on the resort. They already have few rooms available for stay-in costumers.