Thursday, March 31, 2011

Graduation Day: The second Time Around

We know that March is usually the month where graduation is conducted. Graduation is one of the memorable events of every people around. For me, this one of the event that will just pass by again on my life for I can’t graduate this year. The year that I must graduate was actually last 2010. Unfortunately, an unexpected thing happened when I was in second Year College that cause me to stop at that time. My knee were starting to lose control and there was a time that when I woke up I can’t feel my knees and had a hard time to walk. That is why I have decided to stop from schooling and it caused me not to graduate on the year I supposed to graduate. I also got failed on one of my subject during the 2nd semester in first year.

After months of rest, I came back to finish my studies at the same school. Unfortunately, a new curriculum was been imposed on the course that I have enrolled. I cannot catch-up some of the subject of the old curriculum because it is not offered in the new curriculum. So, I decided to shift into new curriculum which caused me again to add an additional years on my stay in college. That is why I cannot graduate this year.

I was once a top student during my high school years and became one of the top 10 of the graduating class. I just realized just this month that I’m the only one that is left in the top 10 student who have not graduated yet in college. I just want to share with you the course of the top 10 students on my batch:

Top 1: Registered Nurse (just passed the Board exam last December)

Top 2: Registered Nurse (just passed the Board exam last December and there was a rumour that she graduated as a Cum Laude)

Top 3: Registered Teacher

Top 4: Graduate with the course of BSIT (became Cum Laude of the school he attended)

Top 5: Graduate of Vocational Course

Top 6: That’s me. No recognition yet! T_T

Top 7: Registered Teacher

Top 8: Graduated with the course of BSIT (Also a Cum Laude on the school she attended)

Top 9: Graduate of Accountancy

Top 10: Graduated with the course of Midwifery

I asked my self why is it that I can’t still graduate? I answered jokingly to my self that,"nalingaw pa ko sa ako college years ug wala pa ko nahangol ug graduation. haha".I also posted this on facebook and someone reacted on it. He made a comment on my post, “pakyas...kaluoy pud mo sa inyong parents oi...wew...bahala mo oi, datu man cguro mo...”. I was shocked on what he had posted. I made argue with him but later I just ignore him because he doesn’t know me for who I am and what I am facing off right now.

I just have a realization to myself that, it’s is just okay if you cannot graduate on the year you should expect to graduate. When you will graduate, the things that you will do is to find a job so that you can earn for a living. You can do that even you are still a student. It’s a matter of hard work and willingness to achieve your dreams a long as you can get it. There’s no impossible if you really want to achieve something in your life. But I really want to graduate right now because I want to show to my parents the hard work that thy have done just to finished my studies in college.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Starting my Personal Blog!

Ok. So where should I start? Why I want to have a Personal blog? Uhmm. I'm just really curious why do people are doing a personal blog? Do they only want to be famous by making a personal blog? Before, I don't really want to have this blog because I think it is just a waste of time and people may not be interested about my personal life. That is why I prefer blogging on the topic that I like which is Pokemon. Everytime I tell my friends to visit my site, and when they know that the topic is Pokemon, they usually asked me why Pokemon? I know that they’re thinking that the topic would not fit for me because I'm just to old for it. But I just tell them that I just really love Pokemon. No more, no less. Ok enough for that Pokemon thingy.

While I am surfing on facebook, I have seen this group which is Davao Bloggers Group. At first I hesitate to join this group because most of their blog are somewhat personal and I thought I can’t mingle with them. But still I pressed the request to join button thinking that I can get more viewer for my current blog. I think it takes about 2 days before I was accepted on the group. While I was reading some on the post of the members, I was just fascinated because it is not just about blogging; it is also about finding new friends and they are doing a tour on a certain places or attended some event all about blogging etc. I think most of the members out there have known each other already.

While I was doing a comment on some post of my friends in facebook, the chat box of the group suddenly popped out. At first, I just ignore it because I know I will not be interested on what they are chatting about. Still the chat box is popping up, that is why I decided to open it. I have seen the links of their blog and open it. I read their blog and didn’t notice that I have already read their posts about half an hour. I said to my self that personal blogging is really great. It makes viewers be interested on you despite that they do not know you who you are. That is why I decided to make this personal blog. I have also observed, while doing this post, I didn’t find hard to think on what I should write because I do not need to search on the internet on the topic. The only thing that I write is what would be on my mind. Maybe there are some instances that I need to do some research but not really an intensive one. And as of now I really love writing this post and don’t want to end it here but I think this is just too long and my reader would be bored reading my posts. I’ll just end my post here and hope that you will read my future post. Thank you. Mwuah Hug… Hehehehe..^^

BTW If you see some error on my grammar, just disregard it, I'm just to tired to proofread it. hahaha. And please don't forget to visit pokemondaily.. (^^,)