Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Top 3 Favorite Philippine Spot!

I have lots of places that I am planning to travel. But here are the top three places in the Philippines that I would like to visit:

Boracay Island.  Boracay is a great place to experience the beauty and adventure within the island. It has a powdery white sand beach which makes it famous. Aside of that, the Island have 20 scuba dive spot, restaurant and hotel which make it more famous. This would be a great spot to do scuba diving and snorkeling because it has a wide range or coral reefs and marine life forms.  

Mt Apo, Davao. Mount Apo is a place good for hiking and adventure. Along the way, you can see lots of plants but only a little bit of wildlife animals. What is really good at the top of the mountain is seeing the sunrise. After seeing it you can really say how beautiful the world is. Looking the view at the top of the mountain is really nice and awesome.

Palawan. Palawan is famous to be one of the Philippines well preserved island. It is composed of coral reefs, long white sand beaches  and clear blue sea waters which make it best among the rest.  Another thing is that the province has a wildlife sanctuary which is good for wildlife adventure. Palawan became famous around the world because it is nominated to be one of the new seven wonders of nature. Tubbataha Reef and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is the place that must not be missed when you are in Palawan. 

How I wish that I could go to this places soon.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Safety Travelling Tips

There are things that you must consider when you travel to a places that is unfamiliar to you. Sometimes it’s a little bit risky to travel in these places since you don’t know this yet. These would sometimes lead to rape, robbery or could lead you to murder (I hope it would not). So before you go to the place that is strange to you be sure to check this travel tips to avoid trouble during your stay:
  1. Before leaving your home, make sure that you leave contact information in case there’s an emergency to happen. 
  2. Bring first aid kits and basic medicine. These are important things to bring for we do not know if there is an accident or you have been sick. At least you already have your first aid treatment. 
  3. Bring a flashlight. A small one would be better. This would be a great help when you travel especially when you are visiting a town where street lights is not yet installed or you are in a dark places. 
  4. Never bring and wear affluent materials.   Never bring gold necklaces, gold earrings or expensive jewelries that are easy to view. Bringing of these things can engage robbery. Better leave these at home for safety.
  5. As much as possible bring only one or two credit cards. 
  6.  For travelling women, never accept a drink from a strange man. If you can’t avoid it, make sure that you should keep an eye on the drinks at all time. 
  7.  Never show your money in front of the public. 
  8. Be familiar on the bus travel schedule and mode of transportation on the area so that you will know what you will ride. Make sure also that you know the place of the hotel or inn where you are staying. 
  9. Always make an eye on your luggage until it is checked. 
  10.  Make sure that you carry the important papers with you. Make sure you have a separate place in your luggage where you can place the important documents.
 It is very important that you are aware when you travel. Just be familiar with your surroundings and always tale control in every situation that come during your travel. In this way, you can have a safety trip on the place. And don’t forget to enjoy and discover the important spot on the place that you will visit. Have a safe travelling.

Monday, August 22, 2011

K Steak Unlimited: You're Unlimited Steak Dining Place

If you're craving for steak for your lunch and dinner, there's a place here in Davao where you can have as much steak as you can. In short, Unlimited Steak. Well, K Steak Unlimited is a new established restaurant in Davao that offers an Unlimited steak(beef, pork, fish and chicken) and freshly grilled in front of you. They give you a very tasty and delicious treat that you will surely crave and look for.

When I dine in their restaurant, I tasted their grilled pork, grilled catfish and their grilled beef steak. They also offer a wide variety of sauce that you can play with the steak. This enhance the flavor and makes it more yummy. Aside of that, they also offer buffet meal with different type of food. I love their pasta because of it's sauce(I'm not sure but I think its a cheese sauce). I also love on how they prepare their fresh lumpia. On the corner of the room, there's a salad table where you can create you're own vegetable salad which you can also mix on the steak.

 In terms of their place, you can find it a very warm and cozy. The color looks very pleasing to the eye which gives a simple yet elegant look. I don't have any problem on the place and aside of that the griller area have a great ventilation which prevent the smoke from the griller to be spread on the room.
I would strongly recommend you to try K-Steak Unlimited as a place for you to dine in here in Davao City. It is located at Loreto Corner Macopa Sts. Juna Subd. Matina, Davao City. They are open from Monday to Sunday from 11:00am-2:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:00pm. They offer:

    Takes Reservations
    Walk-Ins Welcome
    Good For Groups
    Good For Kids
    Take Out
    Waiter Service

So what are you waiting for visit K Steak Unlimited and experience the Unlimited Steak. For question and Inquiry you can call them at 303-3694 or email them at

Celebrating the 63rd Araw ng Lupon!

It been months since I last posted here in my blog. I don't know what will I am going to write first because there are many events and places that I have attended. Since I was raised in Lupon, and just this month we celebrated out 63rd Araw ng Lupon, then this will be I am going to write about.

Last August 1-8, we celebrated the 63rd Araw ng Lupon. It was a week long celebrated which highlights the rich culture and product of the said Municipality. There were many event happened during that time like Showtime Lupon, Mutya ng Lupon, Agri Fair Exhibit and many more. I really enjoyed my stay in Lupon because I have attended most of the highlighted event. 

 Lawn Tennis Tournament

 Indak-Indak sa Dalan

 2nd Agri-Trade Fair Exhibit
 Winners of Fun Shooting Comptetion
 Mutya ng Lupon Winners
 MusikLaban: Battle of the Band
 Gov. Corazon Malanyaon Fireworks Display
 Miss Gay Lupon 2011
 Bangkarera 2011
 Cycling Competition 2011
Winners of Showtime Lupon

Credits to Kuya Bebot Gregorio for some of the Photo that I used in this Post.