Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holidays in the Sun: Goa

When you are choosing to travel outside of the UK summer season, trips abroad to winter sun destinations can seem restricted to expensive long haul jaunts.  Cheap holidays in Goa are the perfect budget holidays in the sun if you are looking to get away to sunny climes during spring.

Although it is a long haul destination, cheap holidays in Goa make jetting to these exotic faraway shores an affordable possibility. Flight times from most UK airport to Goa last approximately six hours which is a manageable timeframe for entertaining tots, if you are travelling with young family.

When visiting a faraway destination, don’t be tempted to settle for less than ten nights abroad. The length of time you spend travelling to and from your selected resort can eat into your quality time. Be assured that Goa is full of exciting excursions and opportunities if you do choose to splurge and stay for a recommended two week stint. 

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Goa’s array of wildlife sanctuaries. Watch as elephants bathe and are fed and even take the trip of a lifetime on the back of one of the splendid animals. In addition, enjoy escorted tours to areas such as the Tyavarekoppa jungle reserve - the ideal spot for spotting some of the resort’s free roaming tigers. 

As well as the wildlife in Goa, the backdrop to your stay is a beauty to behold in itself. Enjoy beautiful stretches of sands and impressive waterfalls such as the Dudhsagar, with falls of over 600 meters. 
Put time aside to visit the flea markets which are scattered throughout the region. One of the largest markets, with hundreds of stalls, is held on Anjuna Beach. Pick up some spices and haggle for any goods you choose to purchase.

If you’re tempted to try Goa, book cheap holidays in Goa online, for any time from March to June, for the best of spring holidays in the sun.