Thursday, July 12, 2012

Huling Hirit sa Tag-init: Mainit Hotspring and Pangyan Falls

It's been a while since I posted on the places that I visited. Before the summer ends, we have decided together with my friends to visit the Hot spring and the Falls located at Brgy. Don Mariano Marcos, Lupon, Davao Oriental. 

Last time that I heard this place was during the Extra Challenge T.V. show that was hosted by Miriam Quiambao and Paolo Bediones. One of the actress who visited that place was Alec Bovick where he did rappelling on the said falls. At that time I wished that I can go to that place and do some rappelling on that falls.

Well this time is the time that I will be able to see the place that I once wished to visit.  The road on the way to the site is a little bit rocky and steep.While on our way, there were light rainfall which make our travel a little bit difficult since the rain makes the road muddy. But thanks God, we were safe when we arrived at our destination. Unfortunately, I am a little bit disappointed about the place since the waters has a muddy color. The caretaker told us that the river is not good at that moment because a very heavy rainfall came last night. But still we try to make our stay there an enjoyable one. 

One of the thing that makes our stay there enjoyable is the trek that we travel in order to reach Pangyan falls. The water current is strong which make us a little bit difficult to cross the river. When we reach the falls, I was facinated on the view that I saw.  You can really say that place is refreshing and relaxing even though a heavy rain shower had cross on the place that night.

After we visit the falls, we dive and take a bath on Mainit hot Spring. The spring is located just below the falls, so theres no hard time to travel from the falls to the hot spring. The hot spring makes your body relaxed especially on a very long trip all the way to the location. The hot spring pool is a little bit small which is only good for small group of people. 


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