Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Comeback and the Revival of my Blog!

Am I busy that I almost forgot to post on my blog? Or I don't really travel a lot that I can't feature any places that I've been? As a matter of fact, both of these reasons are qualified why I don't have any time writing (though I am not really good in writing) on my blog and forgot to share my experience with you. 

Am I really busy?

Yes. It's difinitely true that I am busy for the past two years that it made me inactive and never care about my blog anymore. I am currently working  in a company at Davao City and I was asigned as an offsource  technical designer in a signing company in California. It is very hard for me to ajust at first since I am not getting used to work at night. In short, I work at nightshift. They said the the client that I have is one of the difficult clients unlike others. Yes, I agree with them.I can compare it with my previous client. I am not saying that my previous client is too easy it's just happen that my current client now is very paricular in every details. So much for explaining on how difficult my client is.. Hahaha. Anyway, I also have my schooling which made me difficult to focus on blogging something, somewhat and somewhere. That is why every weekend , I spend it most of the time relaxing, getting enough of sleep and hanging out with my friends. In that way, I will be able to cope up my stressful week. No idea is also coming up in my mind which makes me feel lazy writing stuffs.

No Frequent Travelling

I'm not into travelling a lot of places now. I don't really know why. It's not that I don't want to travel and explore new places anymore, maybe I prefer to stay at home right now and focus on the things that really needs my attention. Doing asignments, projects, developing systems, finishing pending jobs, doing some household chores (sometimes, hahaha), etc. 

Why I want to revive my blog and write again?

I will reiterate it again that I'm  not good at writing or whatsoever. While I was checking my blogger account, I checked on my update column and visited published comment. I have seen that there are many comments and most of them are spam. But when I tried to read each of these, there are still people who sincerely read my post. This made me realize that it is not a matter of how many comments that you get in every post that you have, but it matters on the people that really reads your post and have their opinions about what I posted through comments (or maybe It just so happened that most the comments that I received are spam, that is why I focus more on those sincere comments. Hahaha). 

Well, I really appreciate those people who read my blog sincerely and because of you, it gives me motivation to write and write and write and write and write(to inifinity and beyond) again. I don't really care if my english is not so good as long as you understand what I am writing. (Hahahaha. Just defending my self just incase there are people who will criticize my grammar. lol)

That's all for now. Will post soon (not too soon but not too far. What?)  about my recent travels and points of view of life.. Hahaha!

K! Thanks! Bye!


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